Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 2 Reflections: Lim Jia Jun

Essential Question 1
How is innovation a key feature of survival?

Innovation is a key feature of survival because resources are important in survival, and to survive, resources will have to be handed well. Also, innovating new ideas or equipment could be a change to whether you live or die. 
An example is the people living in Cu Chi tunnel. They dug down to where bombs could not reach them. They also utilized bomb shells dropped by the Americans to make traps and equipment for themselves. This is the process of recycling materials and also innovation. The Vietnamese also utilized their environment well, such as cooking in the morning so that the smoke from their cooking would blend in with the morning fog. Their traps and other ideas such as masking their scent from dogs and wearing American uniforms were extremely innovative too.

Essential Question 2
How is cultural integration reflected in design?
Culture affects designs of structures a lot. This would be most prominent in temples, churches or mosques. Carvings, colours, painting and statues would be the most obvious, but there are other smaller things that could be noticed was the elevation of the temple in regular intervals.

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