Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3 Reflections, Toby Gail Lim

EQ1: What is Architecture?

Architecture refers to the style and design of a building. The style of a building can refer to how it is built, what materials and colours were used, the design of it etc, to give it a certain feel and atmosphere when you enter. Architecture can be affected by culture and time, as seen by the areas we had seen today.

EQ2: What are the essential considerations when on architects a building / structure?
One of the essential consideration is user-friendliness. It would have to be comfortable for the people entering it. This includes safety issues. A building can be very special, but it would not be considered  as good if it is too dangerous and is not safe for people.
Another consideration is the space and time. Are your plans big enough or small enough to fit the land given to you? Is there enough time to finish construction and all the furnishing?
Lastly it would be the money. Do you have enough money to afford the entire construction?

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