Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 5 and 6 Reflections by He Shiying

Day 5 Reflections
EQ1. How is the retail development a reflection of a country's development?
As the country grows from setting up road-side stores and wet markets to renting shop spaces in huge, modern stalls, this shows the advancement in the country's development in sanitary as well as location wise factors. 

Day 6 Reflections
EQ1. What is your current impression of hcmc?
My current impression of HCMC is a developing and extremely busy city with friendly people and a unique culture. What I love most in HCMC are the retail shops and markets where prices are negotiable and when there is such a huge variety of items for sale. 

EQ2. What is a culture
A culture is what defines a certain group of people by their actions and their beliefs. For example, a family 'culture' can be what a particular family does and treats a certain action passed down from generation to generation. 

EQ3. What influences the culture of a country?
The actions the people in the country have towards particular situations. For example, the vietnamese have a culture of bargaining for prices, in turn affecting tourists. Another example would be the use motorbikes as the people's main form of transport in the country. 

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