Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 1 Reflection by Valery

EQ1: How is innovation a key feature in survival?

They made use of their knowledge of the difference in size between the two countries' soldiers, making the pathways in the tunnel to be as narrow as possible so that the Americans would not be able to crawl through and infiltrate their base. The entrances of the tunnel are hidden underneath leaves so that the Americans won't find out. But even if they do find out, the tunnels are still too small for them to fit through. 

 The traps that they had and used were very innovative as well. The door trap, which would swing out and stab the person was really cool and harmful, if not deadly. It was cool in a way that it was very unsuspecting for the Americans if they chose to walk through the door where many Vietnamese soldiers were. 

They were also innovative in the way that they recycled the bomb shells to make weapons. This was very smart of them as they efficiently made use of present resources around them to overcome the lack of resources.

EQ2: How is cultural integration reflected in design?

The unique religion is made up of three religions put together, Buddhism, Catholicism, and Confucianism, thus the design on the pillars and walls reflecting each of the representative design for each religion, such as the dragons.The eye in the triangle shows that it can see everything and protect everything. Thus this religion, instead of separating the three different religions, had instead united the three religions into one, being more open-minded.

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