Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3 Reflections - Isaac Lim

EQ1. What is architecture? Architecture is a form or a general shape that certain things of similar usage would have in common. For example, even though the ways the Notre Dame in Saigon and the General Post Office had their ceilings being held up were different, they both followed the same concept of having the supports being implanted into the ground and going up to the ceiling.
EQ2. What are the essential considerations when one architects a building/structure? Firstly, one needs to consider what the building would be used for, along with the amount of space needed for that use. Only after that is taken into consideration, then there would be more chances for designing. For example, the Notre Dame in Saigon had a Gothic design to it, making the lighting seem like the people are in heaven, and it fits the usage of a church, since they believe in heaven. However, the General Post Office had a lot of light coming into it, and should it have had the Gothic design, it would not fit the usage of a post office, thus defeating the purpose of the design.

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