Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 5 & 6 Reflections: Bryan Kong

Day 5
EQ1: How is the retail development, a reflection of a country's development?
It shows how good te economy of the country is. Having better retail shop, malls etc. menas that the country is developing and earning money.

Day 6
EQ1: What is your impression of HCMC?
I think that HCMC is still developing, not a city state now but maybe in the future. Some of the city might be old but they would most probably be renovated soon.

EQ2:What is a culture?
A culture is a belief shared by some people, the methods of doing something religious. A culture is also special to that certain group of people.

EQ3: What influences the culture of a country?
Some foreign countries might have went to Vietnam to plan and do things their own ways by taking Vietnam by force. Another is an example of Singapore helping Vietnam for building a city. The roads, street lamps, skyscrapers were mostly copied from Singapore. Thus, some of the culture would change due to all of these factors.

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