Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 5&6 reflections

EQ1. What is your impression of HCMC?

It is a developing cities with areas of different modern advancements. For example many areas would be formed through less modernized buildings while others have many modernized buildings, shops and technology. 

EQ2. What is a culture?
A culture is the beliefs, personality, and behaviour of a country. It is like the flavour of the country, and it is unique to the particular location.

EQ3. What influences the culture of a country?
The people, living conditions, commercialisation and government influences the culture of a country. The people in the country will make up the country, they will be different from the people in other countries. The living conditions in different places will also vary. The commercialisation of a country contributes to the country's economic growth, so it is a very important factor in the culture of a country. The government makes decisions and lead the country in the path they want to, which determines where the country stands and how they get through their struggles.

EQ4. How is the retail development, a reflection of a country's development?
The retail development in a country is a reflection of a country's development because of the progress in the making and building of the places for retail stores. First there were the roadside stores which most people shop at, then the building of small shopping centres started which were developed for the richer people. Now there are big malls that sell branded goods for the even richer people. This shows how much a country has developed.

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