Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reflections Day 5 and 6 -Jiajun

Day 5
Essential Question 1
How is retail development a reflection of a country’s development?
Retail development affects the countries’ economy, and if the country has a good economy, it can use the money to better develop its infrastructure and roads. Another reason is that more developed countries may sell similar items at a higher price than a developing country, showing that the cost of living is higher. The type of goods sold(branded items, luxury items) could also show whether the country is more developed.

Day 6
Essential Question 1
What is your impression of Ho Chi Minh City?
Ho Chi Minh City is a nice place, with a unique culture and beautiful sceneries. It is still developing, but I believe that it will become a busy and major city in the world. It is currently building high-rise infrastructure and upgrading its roads, which will surely be effective in attracting investors and tourists. 
Essential Question 2
What is a culture?
A culture is a common thinking or action within a group of people. Such as how they live, how they think or how they do things. They usually change as it is passed down generation to generation.
Essential Question 3
What influences the culture of a country?
Culture can be affected by many factors. Some examples are the climate of the region, the way of life and possibly influence from other cultures or country.

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