Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 5 & 6 Reflections: Dylan Loo

Day 6 Reflections:
EQ1: What is your impression of HCMC?
I think that HCMC is a currently developing country with some parts still old from the past and other parts   of HCMC still growing and developing into a more modern setting.

EQ2: What is a culture?
A culture is a term describing the beliefs, the arts, the society and the methods of doing things from a group of people. The culture is unique to the group of people themselves.

EQ3: What influences the culture of a country?
The influence of the culture of a country are other countries and their ways of planning and doing things. If such a country colonizes the other country then some of their cultures will mix, changing it.

Day 5 Reflections:
EQ 1: How is the retail development, a reflection of a country's development?
It shows the country's development as the more advanced the retail development is in the country, the more developed the country is-- retail development can be rather costly, and once the retail department of the country is quite developed, it will start to bring in a steady income, and the country can then also continue to develop.

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