Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3 Reflection by Jonathan

EQ1: Architecture is the applying of designs and ergonomics into buildings that will benefit the users or the surroundings. It is largely influenced by a certain topic design that the building is based on, such as the  HCMC Central Post Office being based on a gothic theme that gives a similar replica to how the architect envisions heaven. Also, it makes use of current day technology to help the environment such as natural ventilation to conserve energy.

EQ2: Some essential considerations when designing an architecture is taking the location of the building into consideration as the location will affect how a building will be viewed as, such as a futuristic building being built in a countryside village is a bad example. Also, the relevance of the function of the building is vital as if the building is having an irrelevant function in its surroundings, the design would seem inappropriate. The contrast of the design of the building should also be taken into consideration as a more outstanding architecture will be more eye catching and appear more pleasing to the eye.

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