Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 4 Reflections - Bryan Sim

EQ1) Why is it important for Singapore to invest in Vietnam?

Singapore and Vietnam needs to work together to prosper. Vietnam has many big plots of flat, unused grassland which can be used for further development like industry that Singapore doesn't have; Singapore has also many companies from the States that Vietnam doesn't have. If both countries work together, they could use the advantages of either country to expand their industry. For example, Singapore could make use of Vietnam's unused land to build more factories and Vietnam's huge workforce to find manufacturers and engineers. Vietnam, in return, could make use of the various companies from the States in Singapore to attract other companies and businesses to Vietnam.

EQ2) How Singapore influences Vietnam?

Some of the housing estates in the Vietnam Singapore Industry Park (VSIP) are similar to that of the common HDBs in Singapore. The VSIP is based on: Live, Work, Play and Learn. The town planning of the industry park is also similar to Singapore's.

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