Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3 Reflection - Tan Yu Tao

Q1 What is architecture?

Architecture is the design of a building and the function of it, it is the vision of the architect and what he visions the building will be. It is affected by the religion and the desired feel of the final building, it is also affected by the environment around it and if the designer wants to make it blend together.

 Architecture is what defines a building for what it is and how big the impact is on the viewer of the building,  it is an essential thing and a building is nothing without it.

Q2 What are the essential consideration when one architects a building?

The considerations are mainly the function, design, location and contrast. Function is actually what the buyer wants the building to do and is not really something the architect can control, but it is something that affects the final design.

Design is what the building will be seen as and is affected by many factors like religion and desired emotional effect on the viewer. Location is the surrounding and how the architect wants to do with it and play around with it to have the building blend in with it.

 Contrast is whether the architect wants the building to stand out or to blend in with the surroundings to have it be easily seen or to be hidden and be linked with the surrounding.

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