Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 5 & 6 Reflections-Ng Ying Liang

Day 5
Essential Question 1
How is retail development a reflection of a country’s development?
Retail development affects the economy strength of a country. If the retail development is progressing well, the country will thus have better earnings and be able to purchase better equipments etc. to upgrade the whole country and thus will have a better image showcased to others around the world compared to a country that is still working hard to upgrade it's facilities.

Day 6
Essential Question 1
What is your impression of Ho Chi Minh City?
My first impression is that the houses, shops and hotels are actually quite packed together compared to in Singapore. Also there are not many tall buildings, most buildings are actually less than 10 levels tall compared to Singapore where there are so many HDB flats. Another thing is that the traffic actually has more motorcycles than cars and honks could be heard every time.

Essential Question 2
What is a culture?
A culture is a common practice normally within a group of people from the same background etc. Culture can be in all sorts of form be it their living habits or their thinking.

Essential Question 3
What influences the culture of a country?
The culture of a country is determined by the citizens. The way of life they lead, their actions, their thinking can affects how the culture of a country to be changed either for the better or worse.

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