Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3 Reflections Matthew

EQ 1. What is architecture?

Architecture is the designing and planning of a building or structure or that an architect wants to create or build using the given materials and resources. Is includes the blueprints colour allocation etc. anything that is essential in creating the building/structure.

EQ 2. What are the essential considerations when one architects a building/structure

Some essential considerations are the location where the building/structure is built, the surrounding land, who and what are going to live in it, what materials are you going to design it of do you have enough funds?. The location is important as with it one will be able to take into consideration the religion of the people in case they have special needs. They will also have the given area to work with and will be able to choose the best colour to give it that 'flair'. The materials will also play a big part in it based on the location as well. The given funds wil cover everything that I have stated above without enough funding he/she will not be able to start building the building/structure.

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