Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Reflection Day 3- Devanshi

EQ1. What is architecture?

Architecture is the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings. A proper and well architecture takes consideration from all aspects which include the proper location for purpose, the proper positioning, appropriate size, structure to function and the materials used to make the structure.  We saw many different structures today in the older parts of Saigon and the modern Ho Chi Minh City, Ranging from olden days churches to skyscrapers. Proper architecture should also be aesthetically pleasing along side being able to function according to what it should and be strong and long lasting.

EQ2. What are essential considerations when one architects a building/structure?

Many different considerations need to be taken when architecting. A structure needs to be able to carry out the function that was the point of it, be it to be a attraction, a bridge to transport cars and busses or to be a workplace. The proper location and position is also important when making a structure and this also depends on the general purpose of it. For example, making an attraction in the middle of many industrial buildings may not be the most ideal location to be an effective attraction. The materials used is another essential consideration that needs to be thought about when architecting.  If the material is not appropriate to the location the structure is and appropriate to the function, that would  just defeat the purpose of the structure.

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