Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 1 Reflections - Jing Yi

EQ 1. How is innovation a key feature of survival?
Innovation is a key feature of survival in the context of the Vietnam War, as the Vietcong were very creative in their various traps that were targeted at the Americans, as well as the ARVN. Thus, they were able to survive and have a lower number of casualties. By digging tunnels underground, they could move around discreetly, and planned their strategic attacks while not being detected by their enemies. Although the tunnels were narrow in certain places, but they were able to move around efficiently as they had small and slim figures. They also used innovative ideas such as having backward tracks on the soles of their shoes so as not to be detected, as well as disguising the scent with the American uniform. The Vietcong were also rather clever and knew the concept of recycling as they used the used bomb fragments to make new items such as landmines.

EQ 2. How is cultural innovation reflected in design?
We could see that cultural innovation is reflected in design when we went the the Cai Dai temple. It is a temple that was built with the intention of a merge between 3 religions; Buddhism, Catholicism and Confucianism. Thus, on the carvings and decorations on the walls had the combination of the 3 religions.

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