Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 1 Reflection by Kaneko Yoshiki

EQ1: How is innovation a key feature of survival?
The Vietnamese people created a network of tunnels so as to hide their supplies and to be able to hide away from their enemies. In those tunnels, there are some misleading ones where they do not lead anywhere. Also, some of their tunnels are so small that one has to lie down just to get through. These tunnels can even lead to Saigong river. Also, the vietnamese created their own traps and these traps were simple yet very effective. The vietnamese soldiers also wore the american uniforms so that if they were sighted by the american soldiers, that american soldiers would not shoot them straight away but hesitate.

EQ2: How is cultural integration reflected in design?
Their culture is a mixture of the three cultures and when it is mixed a very nice impression is formed. The religion also has one eye whereby it is said that it watches over everyone and part of the different religions. This eye is what the people worship to.

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