Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 1 reflections: Devanshi

Day 1 Reflections: Visit Cu Chi  tunnel and Cai Dai temple 

Learning outcomes:
  1. Students will learn about the essential considerations that influence the design of an underground structure. 
  2. Students will learn how innovation can be applied to overcome resource and other constraints. 
  3. Students will uncover how culture and religious can be integrated.
EQ1. How is innovation a key feature of survival?

As shown by the innovation of the Vietnamese during the war, we can see that innovation contributed to the survival of many Vietnamese. The Vietnamese and the Americans were both very innovative when it came to them trying to mislead the other. For example, the Vietnamese released the smoke from the tunnels when they were cooking more than 100 meters away from the kitchen and they released it in the morning. This made the smoke blend into the surroundings as mist to make it less noticeable and to conceal the location of the kitchen. And them having the holes far from the actual kitchen would mislead them to think the kitchen was there. The Americans used dogs to sniff out places the vietnamese would have been since the dogs are not familiar with the smell of them. 

The Vietnamese  also   assembled several different types of traps that would increase their chances of survival. They made the traps blend into the surroundings very well and made use of the resources they had such as bamboo sticks to use to their advantage as a weapon against the Americans.  This shows that innovation can be very beneficial and may even be the difference between life and death in this case. Example of holes that American dogs would sniff out. 

                                                                      EQ2. How is cultural integration reflected in design?
Cultural integration was reflected in design when we visited the Cai Dai temple. The temple was a combination of three different religion, Buddhism, Catholicism and Confucius. These three different religions were brought together in this temple by having an eye as the see and protect all in the world. These three religions were incorporated into the building by having three different umbrella like structures together to represent each religion and by hanging flags that show the three colours representing the three cultures together. A bamboo trap made by the Vietnamese. 

The three coloured flag(Credits:SevareidFamily)

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