Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 1 Reflections by Koh Jia En

How is innovation a key feature of survival?

Learning to make use of the environment and recycling almost everything possible is a form of innovation. These adaptations and innovations were well-shown in the tour of the Cu Chi Tunnel. The methods they adopted to solve problems and how they strategically chosen the place to build the tunnel was the key to their survival. Underground structures used were extremely innovative, so were the ways they made up for the loopholes that would have gotten their tunnel discovered. It is amazing, their survival methods.

How is cultural integration reflected in design?

Cultural integration is a culture gaining characteristics of another, like that of what we saw at the Cai Dai Temple. They have integrated Buddhism, Catholicism and Confucianism in the temple. The walls are designed in a way to show the integration, carved with the symbol of the integrated culture, the symbol meaning that the integrated culture has enabled the eye, part of the symbol, to see everything and protect everything. Instead of making all 3 religions well-defined and separated, they have gained different ideas, being more open-minded.

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