Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 5 and 6 reflections Matthew

Day 5 -
EQ 1. How is the retail development a reflection of the country's development?
It can reflect the current state of the country's economy and the state of the citizens. If the price of the goods are lowly priced you can tell that the citizens might not have very high income - if they are packaged in small amounts you can also tell that their income isn't that high. If the same item keeps on appearing over and over again you can also tell that the type of the good is doing very well or is very popular.
Day 6 - 
EQ 1. What is your impression of HCMC?

My impressionHCMC is that it is a slowly developing city that is encompassing different types of city planning from different countries that have the same space and excel with such spaces. HCMC is a place that has a rich culture that can be seen in every area. HCMC's traffic is on another level that we Singaporeans won't be able to handle if we went there without any knowledge of it before we venture to their country.
EQ 2. What is a culture?
A culture is a special flair to a country that has been accumulated over the 'life span' of the country based on its roots, experiences and ideals. The culture will mold the city scape and the architecture of each structure and way of thinking.
EQ 3. What influences the culture of the country?

I think that the history, ideals/beliefs influence the culture of the country. The past can take its toll on the thinking of the people which will undoubtedly serve as a foundation for their culture. However, the present can also change their thinking since we are living in such a time where power is almost everything. But the fact that the culture of a country is influenced by time is one of those important factors.

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