Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 1 Reflection Tan Yu Tao

Q1 How is innovation a key feature of survival

Innovation help the Vietnamese prevent the lost of life. From the usage of the americans clothes to mask the scent of their air holes to creating traps that protected them and their tunnels.

 Without innovation, the lose of vietnam lives would be much higher. The vietnamese also used the bombs from the Americans to create their own mines and bombs that they hid well and managed to destroy many of the american tanks

Q2 How is cultural integration reflected in design?

The culture is affected from three culture that is put together that makes a mix of three religion that creates and interesting architecture The three religion has one base that is the eye that over watches all everyone and is also part of different religions.

The building also has steps that represent the many years of the person has been in service of the religion. The building also has a large orb in the building that represents the universe and also has the eye on it and is what the people pray to.

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