Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 4 Reflections by Claire

1. Why is it important for Singapore to invest in Vietnam?
Vietnam is still a developing country, and they have many problems and troubles while the country grows. This is quite tough for Vietnam and they have hard times too, which is why Singapore wants to help Vietnam. Also, Vietnam has a lot of potential in industrial things, which is might be able to be put into good use for making and exporting goods. By investing in Vietnam, Singapore has a lot to gain.

2. How Singapore influences Vietnam?
Singapore influenced Vietnam in many ways, for example, to build high rise buildings and other buildings that are built similar to the ones found in Singapore. Vietnam also learnt from how Singapore develops, with the motto "Work, Play, Live and Learn". With this, everyone will have a balanced lifestyle and the people living in Vietnam would lead happier lives, and Vietnam would be able to continue growing into a developed country like Singapore.

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