Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 1 Reflections - Dylan Loo

Essential Question 1: How is innovation a key feature of survival?
Innovation is a key feature in survival in many ways. In terms of the Cu Chi Tunnel, it is very obvious in the many ways and means that the Vietnamese used in the war with the Americans and the other Vietnamese.

One example would be the Cu Chi Tunnel itself. The tunnel was so well planned out and made properly that they were able to live in there for over many years despite the war also going on at that time. They had escape routes planned out and ways for smoke to escape when they cooked so that they were not spotted as easily. The holes were also purposely made small in diameter such that they would only be able to fit in Vietnamese themselves and not the Americans as they were considered to be rather big-sized to fit into the tunnel.

Essential Question 2: How is cultural integration reflected in design?
This is apparent in the Cai Dai Temple, where parts of various religions can be seen clearly in the architecture of the building. It can be reflected in the design as well-known symbols from the religion being put into parts of the building, or put into the little minute details of the building as well.
For example, there was an eye in the middle of the pyramid, and this symbol was very apparent all across the temple. It can be integrated, like this into the building both to enhance its aesthetics and to also serve the relevant purpose of the building.

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