Thursday, May 24, 2012

EQ1. Why is it important for Singapore to invest in Vietnam? 

Singapore and Vietnam are both part of a bigger collaboration project called ASEAN(Association of Southeast Asian Nations), which also includes 7 other countries. This collaboration is important as these countries are successful in their own way, but they all have aspects they can somehow improve on, and this collaboration can provides the countries with what they need to become a more developed country. A small country like Singapore should have many good ties with other countries in order to grow in both economical and technological statuses. By investing in a developing country like Singapore, will help Vietnam and will also give us advantage with good ties with Vietnam. Vietnam has the potential to be a developed and technologically advanced hub because of the advantage of large coastline, huge area and a big population, but Vietnam still needs help with growing which, Singapore can help with. It is important for Singapore to invest in Vietnam as being a small country means we have a lack of resources and the population or market needed to make Singapore even more advanced. Vietnam can give Singapore what we need to grow be it the materials we lack or even market. With help that Singapore is providing, Vietnam may even become a large Singapore one day. Just as advanced or even more but for that vision, Singapore must extend a helping hand. In this case, Singapore has invested in Vietnam by funding for the VSIP(Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park) which will house many different industries, factories, housing and recreational places. This investment will benefit Singapore in the long run as many of the things sold in Singapore are manufactured in Vietnam and we are providing the people here in Vietnam a good location to live and work. 

EQ2. How Singapore influences Vietnam?

Singapore is a developed country that is advances at many platforms such as retail marketing, technological advancement and economic status. Vietnam is not developed yet, but Singapore is making an impact on Vietnam. For example, Modern Vietnam is similar to Singapore in the way our layout is where there are shopping malls spread out so people living at different location all get a general fair distance from malls. Vietnam has not built all those malls yet, but from the foundations they have started building in several parts of Vietnam shows how that is what they have in mind. There is also a hospital in modern Vietnam that is based on a Singaporean hospital design. 

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