Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 1 Reflection By Jonathan

EQ1: Using whatever remaining leftovers and items, be it from nature or man-made, innovation plays a huge roles in providing oneself some equipments and tools that enable a higher chance of survival. Like how the Northern Vietnamese or the Communist party of Vietnam had made use of the bamboos and soil available in the natural surroundings and the bomb shells and the uniforms of the US army to build their base and equipments. Also, they made use of the usual ergonomics to fool the Americans into believing that they were walking in the other way around.

EQ2: Different cultures have different thoughts and views about visuals. This results in when merging religious places, the area might seem abnormal as there visuals might not match sometimes. However, if the visuals actually match, they give viewers a really nice impression. Therefore when designing cultural influential places, it is important to place the well fit visual together and give a better viewing experience in the design.

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