Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 3 Reflection by Valery

EQ1. What is architecture?

Architecture is the designing of a building to fit its purpose and representation. An architect must be able to bring out the feel that the building is supposed to exude using what he has around him or from daily inspirations

EQ2. What are the essential considerations when one architects a building/ structure?

The considerations when one architects mainly consist of the location, function, the buildings purpose and what the buyer actually wants. The location and topography mainly affects the way the building is set into the ground; whether the soil is hard or soft and if soil erosions or earthquakes happen a lot; it all affects the architecture of the building. The function of the building also affects the way an architect may design the building. Take the Indian-Muslim mosque for example. The curves of the designs on the walls show the Indian culture infused into the Muslim culture.

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