Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 5 Reflections - Isaac Lim

EQ1. How is the retail development, a reflection of a country’s development? Retail development shows how much the country’s people are able to spend on goods. This also shows how much a country can spend on developing either a more modernized shopping mall, or whether it is just a market. Should the people of the country be able to spend more money on luxury items, this shows how much the country as a whole has developed, since a country should only be as successful as its people.
EQ2. What is your impression of HCMC? I think that HCMC is a nice place, though it can be messy and chaotic at times. It is still in the midst of growing, but is advancing well and steadily. HCMC has a unique culture, and preserves its culture well, so that the old and new can still be differentiated. EQ3. What is a culture? A culture is a set of customs, religions, all those little things that are done every day, all add up to a country’s culture. A culture is formed day by day, gradually, and without anyone noticing, it becomes a new culture altogether. EQ4. What influences the culture of a country? It gets influenced based on what is popular amongst the people in that country, since that would most likely affect their views on things, and maybe even imitate that certain thing. It also is influenced by who is in that country, and who the people of that country interact with. All these would affect what the locals would do and act, and eventually influencing the culture.

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