Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 2 Reflections: Dylan Loo

EQ1: What is a system?
A system is a structure in which things are organized, depending on a relevant factor. It can be a food web. That is a system. It can also be a law system, as it organizes what needs to be done in order. That is also a system. It can vary depending on the subject, but basically it is a structure that branches out and covers all areas.
A system can list how things should be done in order if one thing does not work. It may also list the roles of things, like from the prey to the apex predator.

EQ2: How humans and the environment are dependent on each other.
Humans and the environment depend on each other in many ways, such as the food chain and the carbon cycle. Humans need the environment to survive as the environment contains many things, such as resources and food and water. The environment, in turn, requires humans to protect and care for them in order to thrive and support themselves and the other living things. This is mutualism, where both subjects depend on each other to survive.

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