Thursday, May 24, 2012

Day 4 Reflections - Toby Gail Lim

EQ1: Why is it important for Singapore to invest in Vietnam?

Singapore does not have enough space and resources, as well as manpower. Singapore gets the required workforce in Vietnam, because in Singapore they would need to pay the workers a higher price which they probably can't afford. Singapore also gets other things such as rice from Vietnam. This helps Singapore to develop even if it does not have the resources it needs. This also helps Vietnam to develop even more with the help of Singapore.

EQ2:  How does Singapore influence Vietnam?
Vietnam is influenced by the high rise buildings and also the "work-learn-play etc" concept. Because Vietnam also faces a growing population in congested areas, except on a bigger scale, Vietnam is trying to use Singapore's method to tackle it. Vietnam uses high rise buildings to gain more space for people to live in, and converting mashland areas into urban areas. They also gather all the areas to work - earn money, where their job is at, to play - entertainment and relaxation, to learn -education in one area so it is easier to transport and move around, everyone's lifestyle is more balanced.

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