Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 5&6 Reflections- Devanshi

Day 5: 
EQ1. How is the retail development, a reflection of a country’s development? 

The retail development of a certain country refers to the amount of income they make through selling goods in that particular country. The retail development is dependent on many different aspects which include the number of tourist the country gets on average, as when tourists spend money here, they contribute to the income of that country. With a high retail development, we can say that that country has many visitors there who are willing to spend their money on goods there. Thus, it is also inferable that that country is a popular tourist destination and is developed in terms of attraction of tourist into that country. If a particular country's retail development is generally low, the country would not be a popular tourist destination where people would come to to spend money. Thus, making the country's development not quite as successful as other countries would be if they have a higher retail development. For a country to have a high retail development, the country must be popular. For a country to be popular, a country must be able to present themselves as a good place to be at and spend their money at. For that to happen, a country must first be developed enough for people to want to come and visit. Thus, a country's retail development does reflect on the county's development. 

Day 6:
EQ1. What is your impression of HCMC?

Ho Chi Minh City is very big and has many different parts to it. Some parts of HCMC are not quite that developed yet, but do contain a rich culture, tradition and past of Vietnam. While, some other parts of Vietnam look like they are going to be similar to what we see in Singapore very soon. Such as high-rised buildings and developed infrastructures being built. These parts show the bright potential of Vietnam to be a developed country in time to come. Our hotel is located in the not so developed part of Vietnam so, we get to taste life in a way that is new to us. We can easily see the contrast between life here in Vietnam and the life we experience in Singapore. HCMC may not be the most technologically advanced and hi-tech, but there sure are nice people here. HCMC seems to be a very free and easy lifestyle for the people living here. Overall, HCMC is a nice place, but I think it has the potential to be much more than it is today. 

EQ2. What is a culture?

The formal definition of culture is the arts and the other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.  Which in simpler words refers to the way of life people adopt. Way of life in this case may refer to how they do things. Cultures are usually a way of life that is passed on and improvised by ancestors. There are many different cultures that may differ with the place the group of people are located or even the religion or beliefs they have. 

EQ3. What influences the culture of a country. 

A country's culture may be affected by the location of the country. With the location, things may be done differently and the culture may also be affected by the weather and the collective beliefs of that group of people who share a similar culture. Culture may also differ due to the ancestors and their way of doing things. Cultures do not just become cultures overnight. The practice and way of life should be practiced by generations of people in order to be called a culture. Times may be different in the past and we cannot just follow culture blindly, so people do modify and improvise on they way live their life but the basic belief stays the same. 

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